Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Old Dunstan Trail

In the old days this was the quickest way inland to the gold fields. Nowadays it is a popular route for 4WD enthusiasts. As an indication of how remote this road is the trail is often closed in the winter. Posted by Picasa

Big country

The hinterland of the south is Central Otago which is full of vast wide open spaces. To the casual observer it appears to be deserted and desolate with not even a single tree for miles and miles.Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Paradise Part 3

The view looking north from Mt Cargill is equally spectacular. On right is Port Chalmers and Taiaroa Head.Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Paradise Part 2

This slightly compressed view of Otago Harbour stretches from Port Chalmers on the left through to Dunedin city on the right.Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Paradise Part 1

Sometimes a single photo cannot convey adequately the grandeur of New Zealands landscapes. Fortunately in photography there is a away to overcome this limitation by creating ultra wide angle photos called panoramas.

Earlier in the year I started this blog with a view of Otago Harbour from Mt Cargill. I thought it appropriate to finish 2005 with a series of photos taken from the same spot. If you look carefully you will see this panorama gives a complete view of Otago Harbour from Taiaroa Head on the left through to Dunedin City on the right. Hint: 9 individual photos were "stitched" to create this panorama. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Hinterland Awaits Our Gaze

Coastal Otago has been a major theme of this blog but there is another side to southern New Zealand that needs to be explored. In this photo we see the vast Central Otago hinterland. It is a land of extreme beauty. Posted by Picasa