Friday, February 22, 2008

Old House Seen In New Light

Old House Seen In New Light, originally uploaded by _setev.

A Lone IR Tree not the IRD

A Lone IR Tree not the IRD, originally uploaded by _setev.

IR Streetscape

IR Streetscape, originally uploaded by _setev.

River Leith and Campus

River Leith and Campus, originally uploaded by _setev.

Campus Footbridge

Campus Footbridge, originally uploaded by _setev.

A familiar scene photographed using infrared

University Clocktower in Infrared

University Clocktower in Infrared, originally uploaded by _setev.

This example taken on a different day to the others in the IR photostream illustrates the impact subdued lighting can have on infrared photos. And because the camera maker has restricted the functions of the camera in this mode it also makes shooting in IR a real challenge outdoors. But I guess thats part of the reason we like photography!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

University Clocktower in IR

University Clocktower in IR, originally uploaded by _setev.

My second serious attempt at IR. See the previous efforts for comparison. This time I'm using a couple of new filters. But getting the exposure just right is still tricky as Sony have deliberately disabled most of the camera controls in Nightshot mode. I don't have any control over shutter or aperture settings so I have to rely a lot on the lighting conditions and time of day.

Trial and error shooting means it's almost like using an expensive pin hole camera as the histogram readings are different before and after taking the picture.

Even with the technical limitations it is still easier to do IR with this type of camera
than with a digital SLR because the image can be seen in live preview.

I like the overall effect of IR as it gives a photo a crisp but even tonal range. This is a good composition of a familiar landmark. I think the only way to improve it would be some white clouds in the background.

The original image has a greenish colour cast but this one has been adjusted in using PS Elements. Camera used: Sony f828. I'm not sure if Sony have improved the Nightshot function in later models.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My First IR + Pano

My First IR Pano, originally uploaded by _setev.

My first attempt at Infrared photography combined with a panorama of a familiar scene.

I'm using a Sony f828 in Nightshot mode with an R72 IR filter. The file has been converted in PS Elements to remove the greenish colour cast. I have since learned a few more tricks to control the exposure but I'm waiting on a couple of filters before I try this one again.