Friday, February 24, 2006

A Strange Coincidence

A strange coincidence happened to me today. I say strange because it was exactly 2 weeks ago that a similarly fortuitous event occurred with a rainbow.

I was out photographing a ship leaving Otago Harbor. While waiting for the ship to appear the rain squall lifted and this amazing rainow that you see appeared directly in front.

Just as I started taking photos the ship hove into view and the two converged for a brief moment. If either the rain or ship had been a couple of minutes either way then this crossover wouldn't have occurred at all. Hence the strange coincidence between this event and my earlier encounter with a rainbow.

The photo was taken at about 5:30 pm in mid February. Camera: Sony F828 Settings: 1/500s, f3.5, ISO100, focal length 42mm, 0 ev
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tomahawk Beach

Tomahawk Beach in late afternoon from Lawyers Head. In the distance is Smaills Beach. For once the people of Dunedin were out in droves enjoying this sunny Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect summers day and a reminder of how beautiful New Zealand is and how fortunate I am to live here.

Tip for photography buffs: To create this view I selected a series of four images and then merged them using Autostitch software.

The photo was taken at about 5:00 pm in mid February. Camera: Sony F828 Settings: 1/250s, f4.0, ISO64, focal length 10mm, -0.3 ev
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rainbow Reality Check

For starters I want everyone to know this a not a trick photo! This really took place.

There was a wonderful rainbow this evening and so I raced out the door as soon as I got home to capture it. St Kilda Beach is only a few minutes from home and I knew the road above the beach would give a good vantage point for rapid shooting. However I wasn't prepared for the sight that opened up before me.

This particular rainbow was incredibly vivid. I don't think I have ever been as 'close' to a rainbow as this. As the light changed from the rainshower overhead the beam came to rest on the beach directly in front of me.

I took a few photos before the jogger appeared. From my viewpoint he literally jogged 'through' the beam of the rainbow. I have never seen anything like it before.

It was amazing and so no trick photography was necessary at all. I have other photos of this if anyone is interested.

The photo was taken at about 6:00 pm in mid February. Camera: Sony H1 Settings: 1/640s, f4.0, ISO64, focal length 38mm Posted by Picasa