Friday, February 24, 2006

A Strange Coincidence

A strange coincidence happened to me today. I say strange because it was exactly 2 weeks ago that a similarly fortuitous event occurred with a rainbow.

I was out photographing a ship leaving Otago Harbor. While waiting for the ship to appear the rain squall lifted and this amazing rainow that you see appeared directly in front.

Just as I started taking photos the ship hove into view and the two converged for a brief moment. If either the rain or ship had been a couple of minutes either way then this crossover wouldn't have occurred at all. Hence the strange coincidence between this event and my earlier encounter with a rainbow.

The photo was taken at about 5:30 pm in mid February. Camera: Sony F828 Settings: 1/500s, f3.5, ISO100, focal length 42mm, 0 ev
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Chana H Davis said...

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for this special place you have created here online, for us all to enjoy. Let me say, I only discovered your blog site about a month ago, purely by accident, from over on the trademe website. I have during that time [ up until now that is ] been quite happy to enjoy your photograph's as a quiet visitor & observer.

Truly, you have a magical place here, insomuch, that you have been able to capture the essence and magnificence of this beautiful country New Zealand in all her splendor and glory.

I would like you to know that I am inspired by your site and your stunning photographs, in that I feel a gentle nudge to create and do something similar. Though I am only a budding amatuer in the field of photography, and, in no way a professional, and, a person who owns a rather inexpensive kodak digital. I am nontheless undeterred, but rather enthusiatic.

Again, thank you for your works, the inspiration, and, the Rainbow photo's are in a word, breathtaking [ how did that happen so, not once, but, twice! ] *grin* as all your photographs are, take care.


Chana H Davis
Coopers Beach - Northland NZ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement Chana. It's always great to hear from people who have enjoyed viewing my photos.

Let me first off say that I do hope you take up photography. I think you will find it very rewarding.

I have never been to Northland but I'm sure it is just as beautiful as Dunedin and just as suitable for outdoor photography.

Digital cameras are improving all the time and are mostly easy to use. I use 2 cameras - both Sonys but I have found learning how to take a good photo really comes with practice and even sometimes a bit of old fashioned good luck.

The good thing about being a photographer is that it can change the way we see the mundane and ordinary things around us.

It is also an opportunity to get out and about more and explore this land. New Zealand is a special place and I think we Kiwis take it for granted .

It's a funny thing but I've found it's not until you take a photo that people actually start to appreciate their surroundings. Hence why I take so many landscapes of beaches around Dunedin.

Finally if you do decide to take up photography I can recommend a number of websites for sharing pictures.

The first one is which has a very cool slideshow feature. The second is which has a very nice downloadable calendar program.
And of course you can eaily start a blog at Googles or somewhere else.

All of the above are free.