Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Dramatic Scene 2

A Dramatic Scene, originally uploaded by setev.

The same photo as the one below but the levels have been adjusted slightly differently.

Does this version or the one below offer more mood or emotional impact for the viewer? That is the question I have been asking myself this week.

I think I like both versions, but for different reasons. However when in doubt I always revert to a printed copy as the best guide for establishing the photographs "provenance".

A Dramatic Scene

A Dramatic Scene 2, originally uploaded by setev.

A good landscape is more than just taking a pretty picture. It will also be about capturing the mood of the place. In my opinion this is the mark of a succesful landscape photograph.

My wife likes the way the waves and the wind blown sand dunes create a sense of wild and untamed beauty that is typical of a remote southern beach in New Zealand. Do you think that also?

Friday, September 08, 2006

1 Year Anniversary of "A Downunder Photo Journal"

Misty Beach, originally uploaded by setev. I'm a Blog of the Day!

I just realised this blog is one year old now. So I thought I should post one of my most popular photos on as a tribute.

I think this particular image captures the essence of what I am expressing about New Zealand and landscape photography as an art form.

Many thanks to all my friends, fans and well wishers during the last 12 months.

Surfer at St Clair Beach

Surfer at St Clair Beach, originally uploaded by setev.

It was a good day to be out enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer

Lie of the Land

Lie of the Land 3, originally uploaded by setev.

The end of one season and the beginning of another. Did anyone notice the transition. Not me!

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath, originally uploaded by setev.

Dunedin's St Clair Beach in mid winter. The tide has removed the sand that normally covers the rocks in the foreground. I was trying a new lens with this shot. The original was quite drab and under exposed but I liked the composition enough to give it some work. Not too bad I think and worth repeating when there is more light.

Southern Castle

Southern Castle, originally uploaded by setev.

Dunedins famous Larnach Castle is one of the jewels of the tourism industry. And it has a truly interesting history.

Historic Landmark

Historic Landmark, originally uploaded by setev.

Dunedin isn't only surrounded by amazing pristine beaches it is also blessed with many beautiful heritage buildings.

Its taken many months but I was finally able to capture historic First Church in all its glory.

Taking Some Time Out

Taking Some Time Out, originally uploaded by setev.
Here's another picture showing how mild the winter has been in Dunedin this year. According to a friend the setting looks quite tropical. The setting is also very realistic and true to life. I haven't done any major editing on the photo and the filters in use were my usual combination of UV and Polarizer. The point is that the light was good and the weather was mild which is ideal for my style of photography.

Photo taken midday in early July. Camera Konica Minolta 7D Settings: 1/300s, f8 ISO 400, focal length 17mm

Wild Windy Beach

Wild Windy Beach, originally uploaded by setev.
Winter is over and spring is almost here but I haven't noticed the transition at all this year.
Photo taken mid afternoon in early September. Camera Konica Minolta 7D Settings: 1/500s, f8 ISO 200, focal length 35mm