Friday, August 19, 2005


Hi there. I have wanted to set up a blog for a while but didn't realise how easy it could be.

The general theme of this journal is to publish photos of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a beautiful country. And so far away from all the madness in this world. A safe haven. Hopefully my photos of New Zealand will convey this message.

I want people to realise life doesn't have to be a violent struggle. There is a better way.
I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The photo on the right is a view of the Otago Peninsula in mid summer taken from Mt Cargill, near Dunedin. There are many areas in and around the peninsula that have become a fertile area for my landscape photos as you will see in the comming days and weeks.



P.S. Photography buffs - most of the photos on this site have been taken with a Sony F828 digital camera but if I have used a different camera I will try to remember to list the make and model alongside the photo caption.

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Bob Wilber said...


I would love to be able to email you with questions about the Sony R1. I can't find an email address on you blog site so I hope this works.

My name is Bob Wilber and I live in Ohio, in the United States. I think your country is beautiful. We are hoping to travel to New Zealand in 2 or 3 years. But right now my interest is in the R1.

I heard you are a Sony buff and was looking at the R1, what do you think about it. Also, I heard that you could buy the accessories for the R1 at a 70% discount if you purchase them at the same time as you do the camera. But I understand that this might be a special offer only in New Zealand and I wanted to know what you knew about it.

Please email me at

Thank You,
Bob Wilber

p.s. I think you take beautiful pictures.