Friday, March 30, 2007

Wild South

Wild South, originally uploaded by setev.

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Chana Hera Davis said...

Hi Stephen,

Belated New Years greetings to you and your family, I trust you are all in good health, and, are well.

How did you get so lucky (smile) and manage to go out on a boat in such rough sea conditions that I note from my observations in your stunning photograph! needless to say I am envious.

If if helps? your not alone (and, I do hope you didnt suffer to bady with sea sickness?) I too in the past have been out on the oceans in less than favourable conditions, your beautiful photograph triggered that memory and moment in time for me, bringing it all back.

Anyway, I love the wild, dark, moody feel I get, and, visually describes the way I was feeling on Sunday perfectly - beautiful.(smile.)

Best wishes,
Chana Hera Davis - Coopers Beach, Northland, NZ