Saturday, May 05, 2007

St Clair Beach Poles in Low Light

St Clair Beach Poles in Low Light, originally uploaded by setev.

Taken while trying out a new camera (minolta 7d) in low light. A surprisingly good result for a novice SLR user and now one of my favs

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Chana Hera Davis said...

Hi Steve,

When I need to get away and let weight & the woes of the world (it seems at times) slip from my shoulders, I oftimes find myself coming here, to look at your photographs.

Your stunning photographs do have a healing and calming effect on the soul.

When I look at the world as seen through your eyes and heart, suddenly everything falls into pespective & place again, and, I see the beauty in our world around us again (smile.)

Thank you for your gift in which to inspire and heal through your photographs.

I will say that the St Clair Poles are my personal favorites, and, in essence have become a Dunedin Icon because of you.

Best wishes to you & yours,
Chana Hera Davis - Coopers Beach, NZ

PS: I have added a link from my site to yours :) thank you for the inspiration for the blog, I would not have done it otherwise.