Thursday, April 13, 2006

It Grows On You

Sometimes a photo, which at first glance appears nondescript, can grow on you.

The photo below is one such example and let me explain why.

All my computers use a free desktop wallpaper utility called Webshots . The program allows you to add and organise photos into collections and then it displays them on your desktop as wallpaper in random order. The great thing is that it allows you to add photos from other collections on the internet.

Naturally I have added my own photos as a way to review them. But what I really like about Webshots is the ability to view a photo for a long period and try to understand the photographers point of view. And what better place to do that than on a computer screen.

Now to the point. You see I took this photo while I was on a trip to the lighthouse at Cape Saunders. However when I got to the end of the road it was closed and I couldn't finish my journey. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete a journey.

Anyway as I looked around the only thing worth photographing was blue sky and fields of hay. Not very interesting subjects but I took some pictures anyway.

Later when I got home I downloaded the files and promptly forgot about them until today when this image appreared on screen.

Now I invite you to spend some time looking at this photo. Take some time. See if it grows on you as well. If it does take the next step and try to understand why (this is called deconstruction). You will be surprised.

The photo was taken at about 4:00 pm in late January. Camera: Sony F828 Settings: 1/400s, f5.6, ISO64, focal length 26mm
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