Friday, March 31, 2006

The Golden Age

I believe we have entered the golden age of photography. Why is that?

Well I see more and more people outdoors with their cameras for starters - and not just tourists either.

What's more the cameras themselves are getting better each day. And lets be honest, the digital camera is much more fun to use than a film camera ever was. Just about anyone can use a camera these days.

Then there is the hardware - computers and printers have never been cheaper.

And of course lets not forget the internet. This blog for example was created in a matter of minutes.

So it is childs play to take, share, send, receive and print pictures by the truckload.

I remember the critics were all doom and gloom when digital cameras started having an impact. I wonder where they are now.

So if this isn't a golden age for photography then I'm pretty sure it must run a close second!

The photo was taken at about 6:30 pm in late March. Camera: Sony H1 Settings: 1/100s, f4.0, ISO64, focal length 33 mm, 0 ev
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