Saturday, March 25, 2006

Plying Her Trade

The old steamship Earnslaw sets out once again to cross Lake Wakatipu between Queenstown and Walter Peak Station.

She is almost 100 years old and uses the same type of engine that once powered the Titanic. I guess there was nothing wrong with the Titanics engines after all!

One of the amusing things her skipper told us is that her anchor is basically ornamental. The lake is far too deep for it to be useful. Lake Wakatipu is New Zealands deepest lake.

He also recalled the anchor had been of use in only 10 occasions during Earnslaws long service - most of those during surveys!

Incredibly her coal fired steam engines are still fed by hand. She is still capable of high speed too.

I really like the depth of field and light in this picture which was taken in the morning from the steamer wharf in Queenstown. Once again the Sony H1 exceeded my expectations. The more I use it the more appreciative I become of its versatility.

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